The residential complex consists of two parts: PALAZZO STORICO and PALAZZO MODERNO.

PALAZZO STORICO offers apartments in a carefully restored historic building built in the Liberty style in the early 20th Century.

PALAZZO MODERNO consists of two townhouses with large terraces and a private garden. Both townhouses are built as two-storey apartments in a modern style.

Unit Floor Area Status Files
AP.01G F101.99 m2Reservation Download
AP.02G F90.26 m2Avaliable Download
AP.03195.56 m2Avaliable Download
AP.041114.88 m2Avaliable Download
AP.07387.06 m2Avaliable Download
AP.083137.65 m2Avaliable Download
AP.09TOWNHOUSE123.30 m2Avaliable Download
AP.10TOWNHOUSE106.27 m2Avaliable Download

The deadline for completion of the project is the start of the second half of 2020. This means that you can already move in this year.