Use of cookies on the website operated by J.B.P. Srl

The website (the “Platform“) operated by the Operator uses cookies. A cookie is a small text file that some websites store on your computer. Cookies are used to ensure correct functioning of the website, helping, for example, to complete the process of services provided by the Operator or to remember User login data, so that it is not necessary to re-enter this data every time. However, the Operator cannot identify a specific person using the information obtained by cookies, nor does the Operator combine cookies with other data for the purpose of such identification. The aim of targeted and advertising cookies is to improve the use of the Platform. The Operator respects the protection of your privacy.

The Platform may contain third-party cookies used to obtain anonymous statistics about User traffic and behaviour, using Google Analytics provided by Google, Inc. Detailed information about Google Analytics is available at However, as a rule, no personal data is stored in connection with the use of third-party cookies.

You can accept or decline the storage of cookies on your computer (or other similar device) by means of your browser settings; however, if cookies are disabled, you will not be able to use all the interactive features of the Platform and the functionality of the Platform will be limited. For information on how to manage cookies in your browser, visit the website of your browser operator:

  1. Chrome – (https//
  2. Firefox – (https//
  3. Internet Explorer – (https//

Cookies can also be deleted in your browser settings (usually located in your browsing history, but this depends on the type of browser). To learn more about cookies, or to see what cookies are stored on your device and how to manage and delete them, visit
You will find detailed information about all cookies on the Platform below. You will also find information on their purpose and, in specific cases, their deactivation. The details of cookies on the Platform are based on the cookie categories found in the International Chamber of Commerce Guide, which divides cookies into the following categories:

Strictly necessaryThese cookies are essential in order to enable you to move around the website and use special functions, such as accessing secure areas of the website. Some parts of the website cannot be used without these vital cookies. Permanent cookies are not generally used in this category, unless strictly necessary.
PerformanceThese cookies allow the website to save user preferences, such as language settings. They provide users with improved and more personalised use of the website. These cookies cannot collect information about user activity on other websites.
FunctionalThese cookies may contain cookies providing services at the user’s request. These cookies collect information about user behaviour. This information is part of reports designed to improve the website. All data collected is anonymous.
Targeted and advertisingThese cookies are used to display advertising that is relevant to users and their interests. These cookies can also be used to store and measure the effectiveness of an advertising campaign that the customer saw when visiting a specific website. This also helps improve communication with potential advertisers

Overview of individual cookies used on the Platform:

First party cookies Purpose Period of storage Category
Cookiesconsent_dismiss edStores information about user cookie settings1 yearStrictly necessary
PHPSESSIDThis session cookie informs you that you are actively using this site, and provides information about the number of current users of the site. This cookie will be deleted when you close your browser.SessionStrictly necessary
Third party cookiesPurposePeriod of storageCategory
_gaIn default settings, the analytics.js library uses a single cookie called _ga, which stores a unique Client ID. This is a randomly generated number; once the ID is generated, it is stored in a cookie and is part of every response sent to Google Analytics.SessionTargeted and advertising
_gatThis cookie is associated with Google 10 minutes for targeted Analytics Universal ads, according to documentation it is used to limit the number of requests to a site with high traffic.10 minutesTargeted and advertising
AdwordsThis cookie is associated with Google 10 minutes for targeted Analytics Universal ads, according to documentation it is used to limit the number of requests to a site with high traffic.10 minutesTargeted and advertising
AdwordsTracking, conversion, remarketing90 daysTargeted and advertising
AdformTracking, conversion, remarketingPermanentTargeted and advertising
DoubleclickTracking, conversion, remarketingPermanentTargeted and advertising
FacebookTracking, conversion, remarketingPermanentTargeted and advertising
SklikTracking, conversion, remarketing30 daysTargeted and advertising
Twitter Tracking, conversion, remarketingPermanent Targeted and advertising